Mission :

Our mission is to nurture the desire for constructing the green environment and modernize the standard of living. With dedicated professionals and skills we have possessed, we complete the construction with high quality of work. We give importance to safety of living.

Vision :

Our service is to ensure that every penny spent is worth and valuable in making customer’s lifetime dream coming true. Delivering the perfect pack of comfort and style is our utmost priority. We focus on planning and precise engineering to feed better enhanced lifestyle.

About Us

MKB Homes - Flat Promoters commenced in 1995, established its building firm with the motto “Building for the Nation”. Er. Shajahan, founder of the MBK builders, experienced more than 30 years in the area of high rise building in India and foreign countries. Over the past 13 years, he has constructed 350 unit Flats and individual villas in India. MKB Homes became noteworthy presence among builders and promoters after the successful completion of many prestigious projects in and around the Trichy with high reputation.

Er. Shajahan started his journey with strong determination to achieve great heights in building arena which not only created successful stories but it stood as mark for future. In the meantime, he worked as Engineer in Malaysia constructing apartment buildings of 23 floors containing 2000 units of residential flats. Working in Five star hotel projects and resorts extends his experience. MKB Homes progressively enlarged by constructing high rise building in foreign countries with the record of quality and excellence. Ranging from individual villas and apartments to high rise buildings we follow honesty, high integrity and transparency which imposed faith towards us.

Our unique professionalism personifies the ethical code and executes the innovative solutions to client’s requirements. With the use of latest technology and new materials we reach the international standards where you will find your living place each and every day to appreciate it. We are famous for quality and building excellence with ventilation and natural light.

Apartments are built in plinth area and grants benefits for money you have invested. Beauty of the building lies in its everlasting design and outlook. Our high rise building is vibrant with beauty and splendid living. Our projects are becoming prestigious landmarks in the city.

In childhood, we used to draw home with our little hands and at some point we dream at building our home which becomes an important goal in our life. MKB Homes turn dream into reality.Our customer is our greatest asset. We value our customer’s imagination and shape them to accomplish their dream. We create more happy families with their dream houses. The precious thing we earned is the customer’s trust and commitment to quality.

Vaasthu :

Vaasthu Shastra is an ancient building science. It optimizes the generation of positive energy around the human beings.Our architectural designs and buildings are in way that comply with vaasthu requirements.


MKB Homes fulfills the promises when it comes to environmental conscious people. A home is more than built with bricks and cement, it’s the place forhappiness and emotions. Strong values are the building blocks of construction and we build high rise buildings, apartments with trust and reliability. We build apartments with highly selected imported materials. Each and every part of the building is built with extreme attention. As we are concerned with customer satisfaction we make sure that everything falls in right place on right time.

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